Week 49: Heart Attack!

Candy hearts

Remember these candy Conversation Hearts at Valentine’s Day? I looked forward to these all year…not because they tasted good but because of their message. I was always hoping the boy I had a crush on would give me one that said “I love you”!

This month is all about LOVING YOURSELF. It’s soooo important for living a happy and healthy life!

Our Lesson

This week I want you to give yourself a “heart attack”. When my kids were little I would tape construction paper hearts all over their door with messages of love written on each one. I gave them a “heart attack”! They loved it!!!! In your journal pages this week give yourself a “heart attack”. Write down Beautiful messages and words to YOU! Encourage and lift yourself up, girls!!!

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Week 48: Love Notes to YOU

Nearly ten years ago I was introduced to a wildly different idea…writing Love Notes to Myself. I had never even thought of that much less done it. But leave it to Brave Girl Melody Ross to plant a seed of self-love in my Heart!

So, per her suggestion I took a stack of sticky notes and wrote a different note to myself on each one.

“Dear Leslie, Wear something Beautiful today and feel AMAZING!”

“Dear Leslie, It’s ok if you are not perfect. Do it anyway!”

Soon I was sticking those love notes everywhere, including places I may not find them in awhile…(under clothes in a drawer or inside a cabinet door). Those were my favorites!!

Your assignment for “I Say Yes” this week is to write yourself Love Notes and put them wherever you feel inspired to. I PROMISE these Beautiful notes you write yourself will show up JUST when you need their message the MOST!

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Week 46: Lettering Fun

I LOVE adding fun lettering to my Art Journal pages…especially when they are easy and look great on my pages!

I am going to show you two of my all-time FAVE ways to add words, quotes and titles to my pages.

The first form of lettering I just LOVE is created directly on your page using any type of paint pens. I call it “Free Form”….

This is super, super simple and adds a BIG impact on your page. Here’s how I created this page…

  1. Painted a cream color around the girl and dog
  2. Took a pencil and drew various wavy lines across the page
  3. Using a Painters Brand paint pen I printed the words to fill the spaces created by pencil lines
  4. Then I filled in each letter making it fatter and fatter
  5. Once dried I took a black marker and outlined each letter

I use this type of lettering often in my pages. Here are a few more examples…

Another lettering style I use often on my pages is Stencil Lettering. I have soooo many letter stencils from my scrapbooking days! Here is a sample…

This is another easy way to add oomph to your journal pages! Here’s what I do…

  1. I start with regular white copy paper and add 2-3 colors of acrylic paint
  2. After that dries I start adding my marks…dots, squares, lines, etc.
  3. I then take some of my favorite background stamps and stamp on random parts of the paper
  4. Now it’s ready to be used for letters!
  5. Choose a letter stencil and painted paper
  6. Paper should be white-side up and stencil backward…trace the letters with a pencil
  7. Cut each letter out
  8. VOILA your have an AWESOME looking Word or Phrase for your journal!

After adhering the letters to my page I usually doodle on each letter with a white pen then add a black outline.

You can also use plain graph paper with your stencils.

You can doodle and outline the graph paper, too. I just LOVE this look!!

I hope you have been inspired to start lettering in YOUR journals!!!

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Join Me:My Story Matters

I am so excited to be in a NEW Year! There is just something so magical about starting fresh…I can feel the buzz in the air…can you?

I decided to start my 2019 with a fresh, new look and name to my blog, my Facebook group and the workshops I teach. This year I am focusing on helping YOU tell Your Story through prompts, words and Live Facebook events. You see, my friends when we put images and words together….MAGIC HAPPENS.

My Art Journaling Adventure began ten years ago during one of the darkest times of my life. After my first page I realized I hadn’t felt so good, so much at PEACE as when I was in my journal. It was at that moment I promised myself Art Journaling would become a regular part of my life…

And it has.

This year, friends is all about YOU and me and sharing our Stories. When we “Tell our Stories…it Heals our Hearts”. I invite you to join me in our Facebook Group…My Story Matters Art Journaling.

To get you started here is a list of inspiring Words I have created for you to use in your journals. Enjoy!!



Week 45: What are YOU Cultivating?

I absolutely LOVE this quote…and so true! Our thoughts make up our world. They really, really do! Think about your own thoughts. How many times have you become overwhelmed about something simply because you let your mind wander? I know I have PLENTY!

With the New Year upon us it’s important we start out our year right by CULTIVATING positive, uplifting thoughts. There are ALWAYS two ways of looking at things…let’s take this first week of January to be POSITIVE!

Our Assignment

This week’s assignment is to create a page of flowers and a page of weeds. You can use images, words, drawings, doodles, stickers, whatever you are inspired to!

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